Types of Expert Witnesses

An expert witness is an individual who can make a huge impact on the outcome of your legal case. These experts come to court as a third-party person to provide facts about a specific matter, to provide his/her opinions, and to overall help a case. Expert witness testimony can certainly change the entire outcome of any legal matter. There are a few different types of expert witnesses whom you may need to hire to help your case.

Forensic Expert

A forensic expert uses various sciences and laws to determine the cause of an incident. There are many different types of experts who fall in the forensic sector, including psychologists, blood spatter analysts, and criminal behavior experts. Law enforcement agencies usually have their own team of forensic experts on hand.

Accounting Expert

When a court case involves fraud, scams, or other financial matters, an accounting expert witness may prove beneficial to bring to the witness stand. This professional is someone who generally testifies in white collar crimes.

Medical Witness

Expert witness testimony

A medical expert witness is oftentimes used in medical malpractice cases, murder cases, and assault cases, although their expertise can benefit many different case types. This is the most commonly used type of witness appearing in court today. This expert usually testifies about the manner and/or the cause of a person’s death.

These three expert witnesses are just some of the many who can provide testimony in your case. They are the most popular types of witnesses that testify in cases, however. With the help of your attorney, choosing the best witnesses to come to court is easy and a decision that will positively impact the overall outcome of your case. Make sure you have the best experts sound when it is time to go to court.